Ayahuasca retreat Wasai

About Us

The Ayahuasca retreat is based in Peru, in the city of Puerto Maldonado. The location of the retreat is at Wasai, which has an area of approximately 3000 ha. of amazon forests where a set of facilities are located to encourage the Ayahuasca  healing process and meditation , in close contact with nature. In these natural sanctuaries, individuals might purge and experience rebirth. .

Retreats follows and respect the ancient traditions of ayahuasca in Peru, as a healing process, working with experienced shamans and local communities. We do not encourage ayahuasca use as a recreational drug nor promote psychedelic tourism. The main aim of our retreat is  to change our  world.

Ayahuasca retreat programs

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Spiritual Center for Ayahuasca Retreat

Centro Cachuela and Amazon Diamond are our main venues for the ayahuasca retreat, healing ceremony and spiritual treatments.

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La Cachuela Healing Center

Despite being only 30 minutes away from Puerto Maldonado, this healing center is surrounded by lush vegetation and wildlife, offering a deep nature experience with the security of having a city near by.

Ayahuasca ceremony and meditation

Amazon Diamond (Dodecahedron)

This crystal is considered one of the most powerful shapes by sacred architecture. It is designed in order to accelerate the healing process and concentrate the energy. This temple is located deep into the rainforest.

Volunteers in Peru

The volunteer will be able to accomplish ayahuasca retreats at a much lower cost by being a proactive participant of the ceremonies and project. Volunteer´s work in Peru will allow you to obtain a rewarding experience. There might be other options for volunteering if you have a particular set of skills.

Our Team

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We are a multidisciplinary group of professionals, that look to provide the best experience in spiritual retreats, and raise awareness of the ancient traditions of ayahuasca in Peru as a healing process.

The team of Wasai Ayahuasca is composed by shamans and facilitators, who will perform as translators and intermediaries between the traveler and the master of the Ayahuasca ceremony and meditation

Ayahuasca shamans

Ayahuasca obřad a meditace

Following the ancestral tradition of the Ayahuasca ritual, the main axis of our team is formed by recognized local shamans with years of practice, reflecting our commitment of mutual benefit and socially responsible cooperation with the communities. In addition, we have facilitators from different parts of the world, what will allow a better development of the ritual, acting like a close nexus between the patients and the shaman.

Donation Opportunities

In our efforts to preserve the rainforest’s ecosystem and promoting a spiritual way of life in communion with nature, we are open to receive donations that will be destined to promote sustainability and awareness of the dangers that threaten the Amazon.

You can send support us with donations here.