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It is based in Peru in the city of Puerto Maldonado and has an area of approximately 3000 ha of amazon forests where a set of facilities are located to encourage meditation and reflection, in close contact with nature. In these natural sanctuaries, individuals might purge and experience rebirth.

We follow and respect the ancient traditions of ayahuasca in peru as a healing process, working with experienced shamans and local communities. We do not encourage ayahuasca use as a recreational drug nor promote psychedelic tourism.


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Spiritual Center and Ayahuasca Healing

Centro Cachuela and Amazon Diamond are our main venues for the ayahuasca ceremony, healing rituals and spiritual treatments.

La Cachuela Healing Center

Amazon Diamond (Dodecahedron)

Healing with Ayahuasca

Our ancestors used all the natural resources they had in their place of origin for not only medicinal purposes but also to learn the right way of living, the right way to interact with the world and their gods. At the present time it is called “entheogens” (neologism that means God within us), meaning these agents, the product of plants with power to allow us to live through a subjective experience but full of vitality and with very marked achievements in the behavior and the new way of thinking in relation to the surrounding world. Although there are many entheogens, not all can be freely used by anyone and the use of these products must be carefully supervised by professionals or by teachers. The native communities in the Peruvian Amazon learned to use them through ayahuasca rituals, applying it from ancestral times as a method of healing.

Ayahuasca helps to release negative emotions that may have been accumulating for years and that remain hidden, strongly rooted in the unconscious (among traumas). The effects of the plant allow the patient to have a new perspective on all the events of life, the origin of the emotions / thoughts and the reasons for the different problems that each person faces. With an objective (and often shocking) view of himself, one can discover once again in his life the meaning of purpose and peace.

Ayahuasca rituals work as a treatment, that means that more than one take may be necessary to achieve the desired effects. Each ritual offers key tools for a spiritual and psychological healing and sometimes it is the set of all these tools that will allow the patient to have a complete view of the scene. The initial work consists in purifying the body to prepare it for the following phases. This is called “purging” in different sides of the Amazon and strong physical effects (such as vomiting) in body cleansing mode are expected. From this point the reflective part begins, in which the patient will find the answers through introspection.

Ayahuasca Ceremonies

Ceremonies – Diets and ayahuasca retreats

Ayahuasca diets and ayahuasca ceremonies in the Amazon rainforest. Ayahuasca retreats with shamans. Ayahuasca and other master plants healing rituals.

Volunteers in Peru

The volunteer will be able to accomplish ayahuasca rituals at a much lower cost by being a proactive participant of the ceremonies and project. Volunteer´s work in Peru will allow you to obtain a rewarding experience.

Our Team

We are a multidisciplinary group of professionals that look to provide the best experience in spiritual retreats and raise awareness of the ancient traditions of ayahuasca in Peru as a healing process. Our team is composed by shamans and facilitators who will perform as translators and intermediaries between the traveler and the master of the ceremony.

Ayahuasca shamans

Following the ancestral tradition of the Ayahuasca ritual, the main axis of our team is formed by recognized local shamans with years of practice, reflecting our commitment of mutual benefit and socially responsible cooperation with the communities. In addition, we have facilitators from different parts of the world, what will allow a better development of the ritual, acting like a close nexus between the patients and the ceremony.


In our efforts to preserve the rainforest’s ecosystem and promoting a spiritual way of life in communion with nature, we are open to receive donations that will be destined to promote sustainability and awareness of the dangers that threaten the Amazon.

You can send support us with donations here.

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